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Mantial Launcher

Turn your art into NFTs

Launch no-code instantly

Launch no-code instantly

Deploy your custom and dedicated smart contract within minutes.
Choose how to mint

Choose how to mint

Mint with a custom page or integrate the button to yours with our SDK.
Trade on OpenSea and more

Trade on OpenSea and more

Have your collection instantly displayed in the largest storefronts of the world. We are compatible with Ethereum, Immutable X, Solana or Polygon.
Engage your community

your community

Make your launch more exciting; mint with a mystery image and reveal later. Reward your fam; handle giveaways and free airdrops.
Manage your drops

your drops

Own a dashboard to manage the sale and track your metrics. Trace how much you are selling and your conversion rate. Sell at multiple prices, do pre-sales and special access sales.

Go Live


Customize your Smart Contract

Complete the collection data and upload the assets. Choose whether you want to launch on L1 (ETH), L2 (IMX), or both.

Pay and Deploy

Choose the tiers that match your needs. Your collection is ready to take off.

Launch and Enjoy

Manage your collection in real time. Update price, whitelist, check your metrics, see your revenue, and more!

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Frequently asked questions, answered

How can you manage your NFT Collection in real-time?

With Mantial, once you deploy your smart contract you will own a dashboard to manage your drops, update price, update your whitelist, upload assets, check your metrics and see your revenue.

Is the smart contract custom and dedicated exclusively to my collection?

When you launch a collection through Mantial, you have a custom smart contract of ERC-721 tokens deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. This smart contract is exclusively for your collection.

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