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Refer clients and make money

Live on your own law by referring clients
Share your referral code

Share your referral code:

They receive a discount and you receive a portion of the revenue from their sales.
Track your earnings

Track your earnings:

See who is launching and compete in the ranking against other Mantialers.
Grow your revenue

Grow your revenue:

The more you refer, the higher your share.

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Frequently asked questions, answered

How do I receive the money from sales?

When you deploy a collection with Mantial, we also deploy a payment splitter on the Ethereum blockchain. This means that we can't touch your money and no partner can touch each other's money either.

But... with freedom comes responsibility. If you lose access to your wallet, there's no way for us nor for anyone else to recover your money.

Does Mantial take revenue from your sales?

Yes, Mantial is entitled to receive a percentage from your primary sales and a percentage for the level of royalties that you decide.

Resources for growing your product

Curated content to help you learn how to use data to drive product-led growth.